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Financial tools

viewportfolio  viewportfolio

 viewportfolio is a python program that allows you to track the performance of a stock portfolio you establish in a data file. It pulls quote information from Yahoo! Finance and relies on the python module written by Jonathan Corbet (included)....

TCLink (Python)  TCLink (Python)

 TCLink is an LGPL`d thin client API which can run credit card transactions credit card transactions over TCP/IP. Features include: An easy-to-use interface; Encryption using SSL and trusted certificates; Fast transactions times (average about 1.2 secondse nd-to-end); and Fail-over to geographically distributed servers for extreme reliability. Full source code is included, as well as developer documentation and an example Python script....

Integrate The Authorize.Net AIM API with Python 3  Integrate The Authorize.Net AIM API with Python 3

 This tutorial includes working code for processing credit card payments through Authorize.Net`s Advanced Integration Method (AIM) API. It demonstrates how to process sales and other transactions as well as how to handle successful and declined transactions as well as processing errors....



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