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File manipulation

pyfmf  pyfmf

 pyfmf is an open-source project in Python for platform-independent file management. At its core, pyfmf consists of an extensible framework. As extensions from that framework, the project includes a console based toolkit (zigo) and a graphical platform (zago) that is effectively a wrapper around the toolkit. Use either just the framework by itself, the toolkit, or the graphical platform to build applications for archiving files, searching files, measuring disk usage, etc. For instance, build your own back-up utility using existent modules to select which directories and which files to back up. You can even use existent modules to detect which files have changed since the last back-up. Then you only have to implement a module (with a few lines of Python code) that executes the actual back-up operation (e.g., writing to a tape device)....

Duplocator  Duplocator

 If you have thounsands of files on your hard disk there are problably some duplicates using up disk space. If you work with images, sound samples, or video clips you will often end up with copies that you actually don`t need, but it`s too much work to seek them all out and compare them manually. This is a python-script that scans a directory and its sub-directories looking for for files with the same content, not the name. Once two similar files have been found the newest file is moved to a directory called `duplicates` additionally a log file is kept with references to all the files that were moved. You can later review the duplicate files and remove them to save precious hard disk space....



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