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Web based email

BoboMail  BoboMail

 BoboMail is a webmail application, which provides mail access through a web interface. Features include: read, write, reply, forward and delete messages; send and receive attachments; decodes quoted-printable, base64 and uuencoded; handles HTML-mails properly (with inline images!); does not need Javascript; direct support for various MIME types; works with POP3-servers or spool-files (no need for IMAP4); easy to modify and customize through HTML-templates; modular design provides easy interface for other authentication methods and mail protocols; and provides optionally its own fast multithreading webserver (BoboMailHTTPD); multi-lingual support (i18n) - currently English and German....

Maios  Maios

 Maios enables webmasters to offer web-based email to their visitors. Similar to Hotmail or Yahoo!Mail. Maios supports multiple users, and new user registration. It can be configured to read remote email (POP or IMAP, allowing users to consolidate their various email accounts into one location....



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