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Discussion boards

CCQ BBS System  CCQ BBS System

 This tool is a high level BBS language which has the basic features of common web message boards and allows posts to be organized by multiple, user configured ways. The other features include, Multiple subcategories/subBBseswithin a single root BBS, Allows commenting on a seperate paragraphs of large text posts, The look of the BBS form input files can changed by editing html fragment files, Web-server filter allows ANY of a web site to become commentable/interactive, Administrators can move and delete as they browse content, and more....

SquishDot  SquishDot

 SquishDot is a web-based news publishing and discussion product for ZOPE. It allows you to build a web-based news site along with the capability to handle threaded discussions with a minimum of configuration and day-to-day management....

NeoBoard  NeoBoard

 NeoBoard is a Zope product that helps you create web based threaded message boards. The older version of NeoBoard was coded in PHP with MySQL. NeoBoard is reborn as a Zope product. Features: Structured Text support with rendered content caching; Collapsable threads; File attachments with automatic mime type recognition; Automatic image displaying/thumbnailing if Python Image Libary module present; Thread-wide auto mailer; Board Management delegation; Self-upgrading object instances when class definitions change; Batch action support: articles can be deleted/moved to another board in a batch....

PyShoutOut  PyShoutOut

 This is a very small and very fast shout out box that you can implement into your website. With full CSS support and support for several colors, this little script is a great way to let users respond to your website....



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