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Frame based

Frame Redirect  Frame Redirect

 Frame Redirect is a PHP script that allows you to link to other sites without losing your visitors. Features: Open links to other sites in a framed window, Add a frame linking back to your site, and Supports a unlimited amount of links....

Seraph Redirector  Seraph Redirector

 Seraph Redirector will Load a page without Frames or Fowarding from another site. Now supports Post Vars, Cookie Vars and File uploading. For example You have a form that goes to The script will then load the page other page through the server and print it out what it returns. I call this Site Relaying. Will Load

Frame-It  Frame-It

 Allows you to add a frame to the top of links exiting your website so users may come back to yours with a click of a link....

frame redirection script  frame redirection script

 This allows a webmaster to have a service like what appears on a lot of the big link sites, when you click on a link the site displays a frame at the top with their info and the link is displayed in a frame underneath. This script will do this, also shows how put ion your own advertising if required in the top frame....

Bring2Us URL Forwarding Software  Bring2Us URL Forwarding Software

 Own your own URL forwarding website in minutes. You can advertise on the accounts you host and decide the advertisement`s location, decide if user`s actually have to register, use the powerful administrative panel included! Uses style templates for easy customization of your website and multi-lingual support so you can have your website in many different languages. For more information go to the website at



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