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Random links

URL Rotator  URL Rotator

 It is easy to use, just enter your MySQL information and it creates the database and tables for you. It also supports using already existing databases, so if you have a banner exchange, or any member site where users store their urls, you can make a "Random Member Site" link easily....

Rotator DX - url rotator membership system script  Rotator DX - url rotator membership system script

 URL rotators are high in demand and very popular this days. Here is your opportunity to run your own url rotator web site service with our rotatorDX 1 php script. Script provides advanced url rotator membership system and powerfull + feature rich admin area. MEMBERS` AREA FEATURES Main Area: This is shown when a user logs in. Here users will see all the important personal and account information as well as the sites they have listed. Users may change their personal information as well as payment preferences. Users can get the referral link for promotion purposes and see all their downline details as well. Users can upgrade to higher level of membership if they are available. Rotator: This section is where users allocate credits to each of their sites. Withdraw History: This is where users can view their withdrawl request status or history. Close Account: This is where users can delete his account. + MORE...

Chipmunk Random Links  Chipmunk Random Links

 Chipmunk Randomlink is a powerful link indexing script that allows admins to specify number of random links to display. Admins to allow or disallow submission of links by users. Admin can add, delete, and validate links. Admins also have a search and delete option....

Free-Php Random Popup  Free-Php Random Popup

 Random Popup 1.0 is an easy to use tool that allows you to implement a random popup into pages on your web site. Just include a snippet of code and everytime you add a url into the database it will be included in the cycle....

RandMail  RandMail

 Randomly builds X number of e-mail addresses. Both username and hostname are letter/number randomized and are random sized (user defined ranges), and a random domain is chosen from ten different ones. Then the username and hostname are shuffled to build a first and last name. A self referencing link is the last entry so when crawlers follow that link they`ll get more addresses....

Random Yahoo Links using AJAX  Random Yahoo Links using AJAX

 A small PHP file on your server pulls in Yahoo links randomly. An AJAX (Asynchronous Javascript and HTMLRequest) script on your web page serves up a different link each time a viewer clicks on it. No need to reload page to get different links. Very small and fast script....

JAB Random Link  JAB Random Link

 JAB Random Link is a free random link generator written in PHP, you can randomly display text links and banner links. Also has the ability to add weight to certain links meaning you can pick which links are more likely to appear. Created by James Barnsley. (

Link Creator  Link Creator

 LinkCreator is a robust, user-friendly, simple to use script that takes a list of keywords that you provide by typing or uploading from a file and combines with your web address to create a list of urls. Automatically sorts out redundant keywords. Allows you to add extensions (such as html, html, php, asp) and specify a separator between muliple words. Installation consists of uploading one single php file to your website - no changing permissions or adding databases - easy to use....



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