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Ampoliros modules

Magellan  Magellan

 Magellan is a powerful CMS (content management system) designed for Ampoliros. It is one of the most commonly used Ampoliros modules and serves as a Web gateway platform for many other Ampoliros modules. Magellan can handle sites of all sizes, from standard institutional sites to very large portals. Content is strictly separated from aspect and from code, and both are entirely administered through Magellan. With Magellan unique functions, it is possible to include many elements in the same page (like ecommerce products and cart, surveys, search box, login fields, news, etc.), while maintaining the same overall appearance. Magellan also supports P3P cookie privacy format....

News Feeds  News Feeds

 News Feeds is an Ampoliros module based on Magellan ( It retrieves RSS sources and displays them in the pages as defined with Magellan. There are no limits in the amount of definable sources. The sources are cached and the refresh time is user definable....

Free Fields  Free Fields

 Free Fields is an Ampoliros module for the Magellan content management system. It allows the user to define his own template tags and values....



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