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Simple PHP File Editor  Simple PHP File Editor

 This script will allow you to edit text based files (html, css, js, php, etc) while they are on your webhost. You choose the file you want to edit and it is then opened into a textarea where you can make your changes. Why bother with FTP if all you want to do is make a small change? I created this because I got sick of using bloated scripts to accomplish this same task. It did not need a FTP replacement like phpXplorer. And I did not want a CMS system. I just wanted to change two lines of freaking text, in a file I already had on the server! Anyhow, thats all this script does, it edits files on your server. Hope you like it....

RTF to HTML converter  RTF to HTML converter

 RTF is used extensively for documentation for applications and utilities, having to convert all these documents to HTML before publishing on the web can be very time consuming and error prone. This is where having a dynamic converter can make life a lot easier. You just output the converted RTF text directly to the web page. If you store your documents online for your clients to download, you can very easily offer the option for them to also view them online. Having an online option also means that your clients are viewing the latest and most up to date version of the document. Benefits: Dynamic or static conversion. Simple to install and use. Efficient conversion. Supports fonts, colours, special characters, hyper-links etc. Supports tables. Converts plain text to HTML. Dynamic documents can not be linked to without clients actually coming to your site. Ensures clients frequently return to your site. `RTF to HTML does all the hard work for you...

phpexplorator  phpexplorator

 phpexplorator is a web interface to remote explore, manage, preview , edit, create, copy, rename, download, upload, zip, unzip ..etc, files, images, and directory in the server site. Integrated with TinyMce, useful for computer programmer and admin...

Zip Extractor  Zip Extractor

 Zip Extractor is a small (1 file) php script that allows you to extract any zip archive content directly to your remote hosting server. Easy to use, just upload zipextractor.php to the folder where your zip archive is uploaded and browse to /upload_path/zipextractor .php. The script will auto detect any zip archives in this folder. Select "Extract to" destination folder and click "Extract"....



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