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The PHP coder`s top 10 mistakes and problems  The PHP coder`s top 10 mistakes and problems

 Seeing the number of problems and mistakes PHP coders encounter repeatedly I set out to make this list of the 10 most common problems and mistakes done by PHP coders....

Review of PHP blogging software  Review of PHP blogging software

 One of the basic decisions when writing software is where to put stuff. The organization should make intuitive sense, be modular and easy to modify. Creating an open-source, full-fledged blogging package is a complex task. It takes a lot of time and effort to produce, and when you finally have code you`re happy with, some schmuck like me, who downloaded it for free, comes along to tell you what you did wrong. Actually, I`m not so upset with b2evolution, but I think there`s something to be learned here about how all our great automated (pre-fab) tools may not be all that great......

Introduction to MVC using PHP  Introduction to MVC using PHP

 To better demonstrate how MVC works, lets use the example of a simple data retrival both using MVC and not using it. One of my amigo asked me to demonstrate how MVC pattern actually works. We actually know whats Model , View and Controller are all about. Anyhow let me explain them in detail before proceeding with code area. The Traditional way of connecting to the Database and fetching the results....

Agile development! Whats Up?  Agile development! Whats Up?

 A thought! Its nothing but a set of values which provides ways to build good software , cheaper , faster and much better in an unpredictable development environments. Scrum! This word is always mis termed with Agile. Its something where you concentrate on of the four values set below largely....

home worker needed  home worker needed

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