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Browser Version Control  Browser Version Control

 There are several different browsers and versions out there, thus you, the programmer, do not know what JavaScript capabilities the user has. Insuring that the scripts you write run in most users browser can be done in a few different ways. One way is to ask the user what browser they are using, via JavaScript, and to then program accourdingly. This tutorial shows you how....

Display the Referrer  Display the Referrer

 A code snippet to display the referring URL your visitor came from....

Browser detection using JavaScript`s navigator object  Browser detection using JavaScript`s navigator object

 Learn how to use the navigator object of Javascript to detect the browser type and version of your visitors....

The Navigator object of JavaScript  The Navigator object of JavaScript

 A look at the Navigator object of JavaScript and a list of useful visitor browser information returned....

Param Visitor Country Geocoder  Param Visitor Country Geocoder

 Param Geocoder enables you to display the visitor`s country name and flag anywhere inside your webpage. You either use it in your own website or any hosted blogs like,, etc. Param Geocoder can make your site more appealing and friendly to your site visitors as it can show their country name and flag. You don`t need to install anything complicated in your server - no PHP,ASP.NET, mysql required. It`s plain and simple HTML/javascript code that you can copy and paste!!...



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