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Creating JavaScript Rollover Buttons  Creating JavaScript Rollover Buttons

 Assumes absolutely no knowledge of how to use a JavaScript. Covers everything from creation of graphics to generation and application of a script to make a simple navigation bar with rollover effects....

Go-social - easy social bookmarking  Go-social - easy social bookmarking

 Needless to say, social bookmarking is one of the best ways to drive traffic to your website nowadays. The power of bookmarking services comes from simplicity of their use and easy accessibility. Some people speak about importance of social media optimization (there’s a nice post on it) and you have all grounds to believe them. Since there is a variety of different bookmarking services it’s obvious that linking to only one or two of them is not enough. Go-social is a simple way to make your pages “social-friendly 221;. It lets you link to 10 top social bookmarking sites (according to the research made by Socializer) with just one link at your page....

Javascript Rollovers  Javascript Rollovers

 This used to be the language you had to know in order to get links in a color other than blue, or do image rollovers and other such things. There is still a great deal to be done with it; that is, I dont think it will disappear in a year or two. I like using it, actually, so I am going to post a sample bit of code up here....

JavaScript dropdown list menu to switch any page  JavaScript dropdown list menu to switch any page

 In this article we are going to design a JavaScript dropdown list menu to switch any page. Some time we have provided option to Select a desire option and load that a web page with respect to it. The Script we are going to design is very simple. First of all just design a select menu. All we have to do is design a form and a drop-down list box. Following piece of code will do it for you....



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