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Ace Random Banners  Ace Random Banners

 A very simple script to display random banners and links on your web site....

Unique Random Sets  Unique Random Sets

 This JavaScript, based on Unique Random Numbers II, picks Unique Random Sets. Here, there are more than one arrays (need not be of same length). First, we pick a number of unique random elements from the first array, numArr1 to form the array pickArr1. Now each element of pickArr1 picks another element from the second array numArr2, which again is unique and random. Thus we form the array pickArr2. Similarly each element of pickArr2 picks unique random elements from numArr3 to form pickArr3....

Unique Random Numbers  Unique Random Numbers

 This JavaScript picks up a number of unique random elements from an array. For example; if you have an array myArray consisting of 10 elements and want to pick 5 unique random elements. Suppose initially myArray[3] is picked randomly, then myArray[3] should not be picked again. If you want to pick 4 numbers, call the function like: pickNums(4)....

Everything Random!  Everything Random!

 Ever wanted to display a random quote or image on your pages? Or perhaps you`ve got some links to other sites, and you want to put a random one on a page. Well this tutorial will explain how to do all these....



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