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Image Map Display  Image Map Display

 This script combines imagemaps and JavaScript to produce a message in a text box when the mouse is moved over different parts of an image. This is good if you need a more detailed description of part of an image....

Click image and get mouse coordinates  Click image and get mouse coordinates

 With this script you can display an image and clicking on it, you will display mouse coords within the image itself. A "you pointed here icon" is also displayed...

Hotspot Image Highlight  Hotspot Image Highlight

 Hotpot Image Highlight is a Dreamweaver extension that allows to associate dynamic roll over panels over hot areas. The panels are created using nice JavaScript effects and can contain images or text, including links into the text. All the configuration and insertion is visual, accessible from the Dreamweaver menu....

image tagging the facebook way !  image tagging the facebook way !

 In this article I try to explain how to code your own image tagging script based on jquery-ui ! Of course a complete source code is included in case your missing something....



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