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Form processing

Forms  Forms

 Forms are, of course, the most important way of getting information from the customer of a web site. This short example will show you how to create a simple color survey and print the results back to the user....

JSP Form Action Page  JSP Form Action Page

 Most forms today store the user input into a database, but while there are many examples of building form pages or form action pages that echo or mail the input, I couldn`t find a lot of examples of form action pages that store input into a database. This flash movie is for beginning JSP developer and attempts to explain the basic concepts involved in capturing and storing user input, a process that will be used in nearly every page you develop....

Advanced form processing using JSP  Advanced form processing using JSP

 This article examines the processing of a user registration form using JSP and JavaBeans while implementing the Memento design pattern. It is assumed that the reader is familiar with basic JSP syntax....



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