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JDE for Emacs, Java Mode, and Hilit Java  JDE for Emacs, Java Mode, and Hilit Java

 Emacs is one of the most popular development environments in the history of software programming, so it`s no surprise that there are a number of excellent Emacs tools for Java programming. This article examines three of the best tools to alter your Emacs environment into a killer Java-language integrated development platform -- Java Mode, Hilit Java, and the showpiece, the Java Development Environment for Emacs. Describes what they do, how to use them, and how to get them....

Encyclopedia on Java  Encyclopedia on Java

 Information and Reference Library on object orientation, secure execution of remote code, conditional statements, exception handling and unstructured control flow....

JMS Application Changes Under J2EE  JMS Application Changes Under J2EE

 As more and more application servers that comply with the new J2EE 1.4 spec become available, Java developers will have to consider how -- and if -- they should migrate their J2EE 1.3-compliant code. In this article, David Currie takes a look at the changes to one particular area of the J2EE specification: messaging. You`ll see what you`ll need to change, what you can leave as is, and what new opportunities await you....

A Look at Binary Runtime Environment for Wireless (BREW)  A Look at Binary Runtime Environment for Wireless (BREW)

 Qualcomm`s BREW is proving an increasingly addictive end-to-end wireless development solution, although it does come with a hitch. In this month`s Roaming charges, Larry Loeb chats with the folks at Qualcomm about the pros and cons of the company`s security certification system, then taste tests BREW`s highly caffeinated code for himself....

Source centric softwaredevelopment  Source centric softwaredevelopment

 SCS is a new development mantra to speedup the development process. (in german language)...



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