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JSP-JSTL Transform Sortable Grid  JSP-JSTL Transform Sortable Grid

 This is a sortable decent looking grid to place results into. It provides a reusable facility to the user. The xslt template in this servlet includes several important parameters like hreflist, hideidentity etc and it can be used with many other languages. xmlSelect class returns a queries and JDBC database and the result are produced as an xml string. IT shows usage with few lines of code to employ by using JSTL transform tags....

RSSChannel  RSSChannel

 This is a servlet as well as an EJB (Enterprise Java Bean) that uses XParse-J 1.1 classes to display the content of the RSS channel file on the web. The servlet provides an application client to use the EGB and servlet and thus enables to produce the RSS channel file results on the web page....
Tags: file, web, client, application, display, content, channel,

JSP-XML DataGrid I  JSP-XML DataGrid I

 JSP-XML DataGrid I is a web based application which can be used to bind the datagrid control to the XML data. This application uses Java in JSP to get the data from the XML and shows it on the datagrid control. You can also navigate through the records in the datagrid control. You can download the sample program for the above procedure....


 XMLtoANY is a free servlet that uses XSLT to provide content from XML source and XSL stylesheet. Depending on incoming device request, XMLtoANY converts XML source into content (HTML, WML, XML, etc) viewable for the device. XML source could be local or remote (i.e : from a content-provider)....

XPathConfig  XPathConfig

 The author writes "This utility is going to replace Properties files as I feel they are limited. SO I created a way to send an XPATH call into this utility and get configuration parameters from an XML file. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated."...



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