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Portal systems

ePortal  ePortal

 This is an open source project, which can be used to create solutions to the needs of the enterprise information portals. Supports integration of Jcorporate products with Apache Jetspeed, starting with the Expresso Framework. Contains a ready to install collection of Apache Jetspeed including all the required external libraries, a solution to web content management; and other Javacorporate components....

OpenPortal  OpenPortal

 OpenPortal is a web portal framework that allows its users to personalise their web page on the site running this software. The users constructs his/her page by selecting between a set of portlets made available. A portlet can be a servlet or a JSP page....

Portal Servlet  Portal Servlet

 This is a Java servlet for building portals. You can use this servlet for developing your own portal as well as for portal running. Portal here is a set of individual portlets. Each portlet has got own attributes, including URL source. So any portal looks like a grid of portlets. You can select grid, size for the each cell (portlet) and of course a source (url) for the each portlet....



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