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ToDo servlet  ToDo servlet

 ToDo servlet is a Java servlet that implements a collection of "to do" notes. You may use this component when you need to provide a "to do" service in your web office. It also supports WAP/WML, so your mobile users will be connected too....

Notepad Servlet  Notepad Servlet

 Notepad Servlet is a Java servlet that implements a Web-based note`s collection. You can save a list of text notes on your server using this servlet. It also allows you to add, delete, and modify each note online....

jsResource  jsResource

 jsResource is a resource booking management application. It functions over the Internet and can be adapted to different types of resources like booking of:- * Meeting rooms * Transports * Sport facilities * Equipment (projectors, guitars....) * Event machineries and manpower * etc,etc..... You can assign multiple resource administrators who will confirm booking requests. You can also specify the period which the resource is available. Yes, you can also specify how far advance can the bookings be made............



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