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CSGuestbook  CSGuestbook

 CSGuestbook is a free, open source Java servlet that allows web site users to sign and view multiple electronic guestbooks. Features include: One servlet handles many guestbooks, Many layout styles to choose from, and Can be used with or without SSI....

eJGuestBook Lite  eJGuestBook Lite

 eJGuestBook Lite is a combination of JSP and Java Servlets to create and maintain a Guestbook on your site. You can easily maintain the records (delete unwanted records) on an simple admin page. eJGuestBook can also easily be adapted to your site through CSS file and file. It doens`t require a database. All records are stored in a single file....

JMessageBoard  JMessageBoard

 JMessageBoard is a pure JSP application, no Servlets, no beans, no Web.xml. It can run on any Java Server. SETUP is so simple and easy, you don`t need to know anything about Java. To run JMessageBoard you need a Java Hosting (Tomcat, Jboss or whatever), you also need a database.(MySQL or others) FEATURES: User Post IP Logging. User Post Datetime Logging. Limit Message Chars. HTML/Script tags disabled. Captcha Message Deletion (for Admin) The application is free!...



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