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Email utilities

MailWebForm  MailWebForm

 MailWebForm processes a HTML form, composes an e-mail and delivers it. A great feature is MailWebForm`s spam protection: The recipient`s address is not specified in the HTML form; MailWebForm uses a well protected mechanism (property files) to get the mail`s destination. Of course flexibility and ease-of-use are MailWebform`s design goals. MailWebForm accepts three levels of parameter input: A global property file, user property files and HTML form input. The setup is easily done through a administration web site. It uses Java Servlet API (version 2.3+ required), Java Mail API (version 1.3+) and JRE (version1.3.1+)....

CS Email Package  CS Email Package

 The Email package is a group of classes that makes it easy to send email from any Java application, applet or servlet. Features include: Simple to include in a Java app, applet or servlet, Uses SMTP to send email, Includes support for CC and BCC fields, Supports Reply-To field, and Models the JavaMail API (so programmers familiar with JavaMail will be able to adapt this package for their use quickly)....

IMSForward  IMSForward

 These servlets provide a webbased interface for EMWAC`s IMS Mailserver to setup it`s mailforwarding feature....

Java Address Book Contacts Importer / Grabber  Java Address Book Contacts Importer / Grabber

 Boost your website with viral invitations ! Our award winning scripts imports from more than hundreds of domains of various webmail address books, coupled with award-winning support. *** Supports JRE 1.4/5/6 *** Uses webmail APIs where available -- List of support: Hotmail/, GMail, Yahoo, AOL, Lycos,, Rediffmail, Indiatimes, MobileMe (.Mac), FastMail, GMX,, IcqMail, LinkedIn,,,,,,,,,,, (WirtualnaPolska),,, Plaxo,,, Email.It,,,,, Outlook CSV, Outlook Express CSV, Thunderbird CSV, Thunderbird LDIF, Apple/vCard -- Also available: Support for social networks invite senders (Friendster, MySpace, Orkut, Facebook, Hi5, Xing, etc)...



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