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Customer support

eHelpDesk  eHelpDesk

 eHelpDesk is designed for the enterprise, designed for external or internal customer support needs as well as for call/bug tracking. It will provide a support organization with a systematic, professional, automated and easy to use system for problems, requests, issues, bugs, notes, procedures and resolutions. It features: Internal Help Desk, External Customer Support, Action Request, Call/Problem Tracking including using Notification, Change Management, Contact Management, Development/Bug Tracking, Integrated to FAQ and Forum, Asset and Inventory Management, and For tracking billable requests....

Bankoi Web HelpDesk Software  Bankoi Web HelpDesk Software

 Bankoi Helpdesk Software is a fully featured browser based helpdesk/email management application designed to streamline the operation of managing emails or support requests, with built in tracking and response logging it is an ideal solution for companies with one or more members of staff or for those who want to organise client support....

Free Online Typing Test for Website or PC  Free Online Typing Test for Website or PC

 This free Quality typing test can be downloaded to your PC or Website to give your visitors a way to test their typing speed! It`s a small file, it`s free and looks great!...



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