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ElegantJBeans  ElegantJBeans

 ElegantJBeans is an online collection of several javabeans. You can use these components for various online applications etc.,such as UI, data binding, validation, accessing etc., Webmasters can create printable reports for both free and grid forms with images, header and footers along with calculated fields. ElegantJBeans supports networking beans like POP3 Client, SMTP client, FTP client, HTTP client and socket communications and can be used either visually or as codings. Key features include data analysis with charting solutions, data monitoring, support for tree and table component, platform independent...

Digi Counter  Digi Counter

 This is an active website that offers web based online counter service. There are several online counter softwares built with java with which webmasters can track and log their site visitors. You are provided with counter types like hit counters, web tracker, IP tracker, web metrics, statscounter, traffic analyzer etc., All these counters are efficient and enriched in admin features....
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