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What are JavaBeans?  What are JavaBeans?

 This article explains to you all about what JavaBeans are and also teaches how to build one. JavaBeans are Java classes that conform to a very simple coding rules. You just have to implement interface, use a public empty argument constructor and provide public getter and setter methods to get and set the values of private variables in properties. This article also explains calling the JavaBean from within a JSP page. It also discusses the tags provided by the JSP specification namely JSP , and tags....

Building your first Enterprise JavaBean.  Building your first Enterprise JavaBean.

 From this tutorial you can learn how to build an EJB (Enterprise Java Bean) and also learn to install them on a production class, open source and free EJB Server namely JBoss, which is a very popular EJB Container. The topics covered by this tutorial are: Installing and running JBoss Server, Installing, configuring and running Tomcat Server, Developing your first Session EJB, Deploying this EJB on JBoss Server, Creating the client JSP page, Running the JSP page and finally Summary....
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