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Web browsers

XBrowser  XBrowser

 XBrowser is totally free java application for browsing the web. It will execute on any OS supporting Java 2 platform. It is fully multithreaded and it means that you can open several web pages simultaneously in one session. It is customizable, providing options for changing the way XBrowser looks and operates. It provides the basic features that every web browser needs to support plus some advanced features....

Zambro Web Browser  Zambro Web Browser

 Zambro is a simple and light web browser, written in Java 5 and using the Swing framework. It encounters many features, where the most important are: remote and local browsing, bookmarks support (where bookmarks can be exported in a HTML document), HTML code viewer/editor, search on the web (using the most famous search engines like Google, Yahoo! and MSN Search), minimalistic back/forward memory for visited sites` history, hideable panels, and per-user customizable settings. Other features could be easily added....



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