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Server management

SSH Factory  SSH Factory

 SSH Factory is a set of Java based client components for communicating with SSH and telnet servers. Including both SSH (Secure Shell) and telnet components, developers will appreciate the easy-to-use API making it possible to communicate with a remote server using just a few lines of code. In addition, SSH Factory includes a full-featured scripting API and easy to use scripting language. This allows developers to build and automate complex tasks with a minimum amount of effort....

Offbeat Server - Developer Edition  Offbeat Server - Developer Edition

 Offbeat is the first XML based socket server for Java and Flash that has been designed for application development! The key elements of the server are: Simplicity, reusability and fun of development. The Offbeat server allows you to create real-time browser based applications with Java and Flash MX 2004. Offbeat is an ideal solution for applications that need to connect to databases and also allow connected clients to collaborate. Below is a list of the technical core features of the server: - Easy application development and deployment - Clear and easy server-side Java programming API - Client libraries for Java and Flash MX 2004 - Client-to-client messaging - Groups (pre-defined and dynamic) - Application variables - Database connection pooling - Object pooling - XML based communication protocol - Internal logging - XML configuration - Client ban and drop control - Built-in XML wrapper in the Java client library - Dynamic application cache - Implements a clear and...

PortSensor 3.0 - Server Monitoring  PortSensor 3.0 - Server Monitoring

 PortSensor is a flexible monitoring platform. Sensors can be created to monitor nearly any TCP/UDP service, including: HTTP, FTP, POP3, SMTP, DNS and most popular database platforms (MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, etc). In addition to standard services, sensors can be created using console commands to monitor other critical server metrics, for example: processor loads, mail queue loads, disk space usage, database queries per second, log activity and more. Custom monitors and viewers can be created using your favorite programming tools....



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