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Image mapping

HotEdit  HotEdit

 HotEdit is a a generic editor written in 100 % pure Java which can run on any operating system which supports the Java Platform version 1.2.2 and above. Features include: Default plugin`s supports creation of Clientside and Serverside HTML including CERN and NCSA imagemaps, Create Polygon, Rectangle, Circle, Point `imagemap`(HotSpot) areas, Reads GIF and JPEG image formats, Load/Save all properties and definitions for later use, Handles multiple images at the same time, Copy, Cut and Paste areas, Print/Preview various reports, JavaHelp, and English and Danish language support....

Java Image Acquisition UI Components  Java Image Acquisition UI Components

 If you are developing some applications that require the user to select/edit/input images, then Image Acquisition UI Components (The UI Components) will make your life extremely easy - and more importantly, the user experience will be improved dramatically. Currently the following components are available: JImageDialog - an image acquisition UI component that allows the user to load images and to perform basic image editing tasks. JFileChooser - An extended JFileChooser that supports image preview and image information extraction. Reasons to use Image Acquisition UI Components High quality UI components improve end-user experience FREE! * Truly platform independent Multiple file formats supported. The UI Components Support Adobe Photoshop *.psd; Bitmap, Windows/OS2 *.bmp, *.dib; Cursor *.cur; Graphics Interchange Format *.gif; Icon *.ico; JPEG *.jpg, *.jpeg; Macintosh PICT Format *.pict, *.pct; PCX Format *.pcx; Portable Network Graphics *.png; Sun Raster Format *.ras;...



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