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Image editors

Simian  Simian

 Simian is a basic Java image viewer containing several algorithms, including resize, transparency handling and magnify while smoothly preserving edges. It can act as an interface for any image manipulation routine which the user can program as a java static method acting on a BufferedImage and returning a BufferedImage....

Isaac  Isaac

 Isaac creates animations, rollover effects, interactive tools, menus, presentations, site intros, and any other thing your imagination could suggest. And it does all this by simply manipulating some images with a visual interface, without writing code. Isaac produces HTML files that are ready to be copied or inserted into your web sites. Isaac can also generate animated GIFs. The animated GIF is now included when exporting, along with an HTML map for the links, as an alternative if the user disabled Java....

Gallery Mage  Gallery Mage

 Gallery Mage is a digital photography processing system for users of digital cameras and scanners. It enables galleries of photographs to be renamed, captioned, rotated, cropped and uploaded - without altering the original picture files. It is designed to work with online gallery display scripts such as SPGM and Singapore....



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