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Html editors

Akmin's Editlet - Applet Edition  Akmin's Editlet - Applet Edition

 Editlet - Applet Edition is a completely browser-based, platform independent, cross-browser compatible, WYSIWYG HTML Rich-Text Editor. Editlet Applet Edition is extremely lightweight and has been tested to work on most browsers like IE, Netscape, Opera, AOL, Mozilla, etc., and on most Operating Systems available today including Windows, MacOS, Linux, HP Unix, Solaris, FreeBSD, etc. Editlet - Applet Edition is a client-side browser based Java Applet that replaces the HTML textarea tag. Editlet - Applet Edition poses as a form field that submits forms as simple, standards-compliant HTML code. This generated HTML code can then be saved as a plain text file or even in a database. Editlet - Applet Edition is fully customizable and can even preload a document and display it as soon as the page loads....


 JHTML is a Java based HTML Editor that is being developed to eventually support features such as: Intell*sense type autocompletion with tags and their possible parameters, syntax highlighting, right click tag editing, wizards, and many more helpful features....

RiverEdit  RiverEdit

 RiverEdit makes your work done easy. It has the ability to switch between files fast and easy, you can easy set up a filefilter if you´re only interest in some files. You can also choose fonts and formats, search for a line, create new files, use the HTML toolbar and much more......

Redirect Page Creator  Redirect Page Creator

 This program creates stand alone webpages that gives webmasters the ability to redirect visitors to other websites. This program uses meta refresh technology to accomplish redirecting the visitor. A webmaster simply enters the destination URL then saves the code generated by this program. Finally the page is uploaded to the webmasters site and when visitors are sent to that page they will be redirected. The main usages are to protect affiliate links or easily redirect traffic. This program is designed using Java and runs on any platform that supports the Java Runtime Environment such as Windows, Mac, Linux, etc....



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