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Email systems

Mailbox Sweeper  Mailbox Sweeper

 Mailbox Sweeper is a Java application that lets you connect to your mailboxes and preview the Subject lines, sender and size of the messages stored there. You then can decide to delete single/multiple selected messages or delete all messages at once. It is especially useful to completely clean out spam ridden mailboxes, deleting big attachments or to sort out unwanted emails while they are still on the server and then download only the emails you actually want to download....

ICEMail  ICEMail

 ICEMail is an email client written in Java that uses the JavaMail API to provide access to IMAP, POP and other mail services. ICEMail was written with Java 1.1 and the Java Foundation Classes. ICEMail is for anyone who uses IMAP or POP to access their email. ICEMail is especially ideal for users who are on the road alot, as remote access is simplified. ICEMail is also ideal for intranets, where many users are reading mail from an IMAP server, as installation can be centralized....

JVMail  JVMail

 JVMail is a console SMTP client, written in java, which can send email messages from the command line. It is designed to allow automatic mail messaging from batch files or from within programs. It can take input from either command line options, template files, text files and/or console(stdin) input....



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