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Auction tools

SnipeAlert Lite  SnipeAlert Lite

 Allows sellers to offer free automated email alerts to bidders to notify them before the auction ends. Bidders don't need to install any software, just simply fill out a very simple HTML form which submits to a lightweight webserver which the seller maintains....

JBidwatcher  JBidwatcher

 A Java-based application allowing you to monitor auctions you`re not part of, submit bids, snipe (bid at the last moment), and otherwise track your auction-site (eBay only currently) experience. It includes adult-auction management, several currencies (yen, pound, dollar, and euro, presently), drag-and-drop of auction URLs, a unique `multisniping` feature, a relatively nice UI, and is known to work cleanly under Linux, Windows, Solaris, and MacOSX from the same binary....

Amazon `Marketplace` Price Checker  Amazon `Marketplace` Price Checker

 With this `spy` software you can automatically keep track of prices in `New`, `Used` and even `Collectible` categories on Amazon`s Marketplace!" If you are selling items such as Books or DVDs on Amazon Marketplace then this software will give you a massive advantage over other Amazon sellers. This is because the software will send you an email to alert you whenever a rival seller beats or matches your item`s price. Make sure you check out this great software today! Sell Quicker, Sell Easier and Sell More...all with this cool `spy` software!...



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