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Application suites

Jisql  Jisql

 This is an advanced utility which allows you to make a command line interactive session with a SQL server. This utilty provides you the options such as driver which allows you to specify the JDBC driver class name of the driver and cstring which allows you to specify the connection string to the database....

Hodoman Timer  Hodoman Timer

 This is an OS independent software that helps to manage our internet cafe's. It is a client/server model where the customer's can be managed easily by the server or the administrator. It will provide the customers a variety of features like games, mails, chat and etc. It helps to record the details about the regular customers. It offers three main features to it's regular customers i.e bulk pack hours, which offers a long-day browsing or long-night browsing; membership accounts, where the customer can pre-pay the cost of the total browsing charges and the last is the card based system by which an user will be given a separate login-id and password and the browsing charges will be reduced in the customer's card. Great security options provided by the software helps to maintain a error free cafe.Messages can also be sent through this software....
Tags: software, internet, security, password, server, system, record, chat, manage, bulk, error, user, pack, customer, model, cost, options, browsing, features, customers, maintain, membership,

Auscomp eNavigator Suite  Auscomp eNavigator Suite

 A command center for Intranet/Extranet systems or Web sites that features Content Management, Navigation, Instant Messaging, News, Search, (Site & Internet), Password Protection (Multi-level) & Calendar....

RS Project Manager  RS Project Manager

 RS Project Manager is a comprehensive web-based project management suite for small to mid-size service oriented companies. It was built from the ground up to track and analyze the operations of companies in the technology service industry. We offer FREE Personal Accounts and Low No-Commitment Monthly Business Accounts....

EBI Neutrino R1 Open Source CRM and ERP System  EBI Neutrino R1 Open Source CRM and ERP System

 EBI Neutrino R1 CRM EBI Neutrino is a Framework for Enterprise Resource Planing (ERP) and Customer Relation Mangement(CRM) software solution that combines power of distribution, inventory, E-Commerce, accounting and workflow....



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