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Server management

MXServer  MXServer

 MXServer is an online server management software capable of querying DNS server for MX records by calling dig programs. Using MXServer webmasters would find it easy to send mails to the hosts in a different domain. When a hostname is entered users are provided with a complete lists of MX records through the dig program. The main highilight of this program is that it uses TCP/IP socket in querrying the records....

RUE - Resource Utilization Explorer  RUE - Resource Utilization Explorer

 RUE is intended to be used as a general, local or remote, monitoring tool for any Java based server such as Tomcat, Tyrex, Enhydra, JBoss, JOnAS, etc. RUE is written in 100% Java, and features pluggable samplers and sensors, data visualization plug-ins, configurable data history, output of HTML reports, a standard AWT GUI, JNDI-based sensor lookups, and a simple API for pooling, aggregation, and averaging....



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