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Customer support

Bankoi Helpdesk Software  Bankoi Helpdesk Software

 This is an applet where the users have the ability to manage emails and helpdesk application using web based browser. This program is suitable for the organizations with single or multiple staff members for managing client support. Features like submission tracking, requesting ID numbers, direct and web based email submission form, knowledge base and templates design, etc are available. This program is helpful for the users and the visitors. Customization and configuration can be done easily by the users....

Bankoi Web HelpDesk  Bankoi Web HelpDesk

 Bankoi Web Helpdesk Software is a fully featured browser based helpdesk/email management application designed to streamline the operation of managing emails or support requests, with built in tracking and response logging it is an ideal solution for companies with one or more members of staff or for those who want to organise client support....
Tags: management, browser, client, application, tracking, emails, helpdesk, support, logging, solution, staff, for,

Animated Help Builder  Animated Help Builder

 Build "hovering cursor" Help for any Windows program in no time. No programming skills are necessary. Can be used on- and off-line....



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