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Server side includes

Conditional SSI  Conditional SSI

 This is a concise tutorial on SSI (Server Side Includes). Learn how to apply logic to this nifty server side feature....

WebCom Guide Server Side Includes  WebCom Guide Server Side Includes

 This tutorial explains how to create documents which include other documents and various dynamically generated information, such as the current date, the file`s last modification date, and the size or last modification of other files....

The Server Side Includes Tutorial  The Server Side Includes Tutorial

 This compact tutorial introduces what Server Side Includes is, how it works, how to configure .htaccess for SSI to work, a few key SSI Tags, and more....

BigNoseBird.Com`s Server Side Include Page  BigNoseBird.Com`s Server Side Include Page

 This site presents complete SSI tutorials and reference pages covering everythyng from SSI basics to more advanced topics. Major topics include: Enabling SSI on Your Server, The ECHO Directive, The INCLUDE Directive, The EXEC and VIRTUAL Directives, Nested Directives, A Real Back Button, and eXtended SSI Directives....

Smart Webby`s Guide: Server Side Includes  Smart Webby`s Guide: Server Side Includes

 Server Side Includes allow you to write some commonly used code once and have the server insert it into the pages for you. They cut down your development time by more than 100% as you only need to make changes in the include file and it automatically gets updated in all the pages that use the include. Best of all it reduces our FTP time as you only need to FTP one file and not all the pages using the Include. They are a huge time savers. This guide describes what SSIs are, and how to use them....



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