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Using Inline in Perl  Using Inline in Perl

 The new Inline module for Perl allows you to write code in other languages (like C, Python, Tcl, or Java), as well as toss it into Perl scripts. Unlike previous ways of interfacing C code with Perl, Inline is very easy to use, and very much in keeping with the Perl philosophy. One extremely useful application of Inline is to write quick wrapper code around a C-language library to use it from Perl....

Ace Perl Name Formatter  Ace Perl Name Formatter

 This is a code snippet useful for formatting common names. For example, john doe III, can be converted to John Doe III....

Perl as a command-line utility  Perl as a command-line utility

 Those who use Perl as a programming language frequently forget that it is just as useful as a quick and dirty scripting engine for command-line operations. From the command line Perl can accomplish, in just a single line, tasks that require pages of code in most other languages. This article takes you through some useful examples....

Calculate Distance Between Two Points Using Longitude & Latitude  Calculate Distance Between Two Points Using Longitude & Latitude

 Tutorial and sample codes to calculate the distance between two locations. Free sample source codes in PHP, ASP, ColdFusion, C/C++, C#, Java, Perl, Visual Basic and Javascript. Longitude and latitude for United States ZIP Code and Canadian Postal Code are available in database subscription from

CGI Tutorials  CGI Tutorials

 A wide selection of great CGI tutorials with code examples. All comments are commented to make it easier to read and understand....

Perl arrays tutorial  Perl arrays tutorial

 Learn through examples how to use and manipulate the arrays in a Perl script. The script examples show you how to define and create an array, the context in which the array variables are used and different ways to manipulate them: append elements to a Perl array, assign a list to Perl arrays, modify Perl array elements, iterate and loop through the array elements, sort Perl arrays and much more....



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