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Installing cgi scripts

CGI Troubleshooting  CGI Troubleshooting

 Short tips on how to fix and troubleshoot CGI scripts....

How to install CGI-scripts  How to install CGI-scripts

 This is a tutorial explaining how to install and configure CGI-scripts and the most common mistakes made....

Installing and Using Perl Scripts  Installing and Using Perl Scripts

 Assumes no previous experience and covers every aspect of installing a first script sucessfully. Uses a free Poll script as an example. Primarily aimed at FrontPage users but not specific to those using any editor or none....

A basic guide to running CGI scripts  A basic guide to running CGI scripts

 This guide will help you upload and run a CGI script on your website. Ideal if you have your own website and starting to think about running some CGI Scripts but not sure where to start...

Install Your Own Scripts  Install Your Own Scripts

 How To Install Virtually ANY Script On Your WebSite Yourself and Save Tons of Cash - Today! You`ll discover what script installers hoped you`d NEVER learn. Just how SIMPLE it is to install virtually ANY Perl or PHP script on your website. Once you read this Incredible ebook you`ll be telling your script installer to "Take A Hike"! Once you read this step-by-step guide to installing scripts, you`ll wonder why you`ve been paying others to do it for you. In fact, you`ll be astonished at how easy it really is!...



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