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Image manipulation

Creating An Index Image  Creating An Index Image

 This article will show you how to use the GD library to create an index image that contains thumbnails of images in a given directory....

Imagemap Help Page - IHiP  Imagemap Help Page - IHiP

 This page provides assistance with the implementation of imagemaps. It provides short answsers to basic questions and external links for tools and scripts for creating imagemaps....

NCSA Imagemap Tutorial  NCSA Imagemap Tutorial

 This document is a step-by-step tutorial for designing and serving graphical maps of information resources with either the external imagemap CGI script or with thebuilt in imagemap support in NCSA HTTPd 1.5. Through such a map, users can be provided with a graphical overview of any set of information resources; by clicking on different parts of the overview image, they can transparently access any of the information resources. Sample examples available....



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