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Email systems

Sending mail with sendmail  Sending mail with sendmail

 Find out how to use sendmail (or other similar mail-serving software) to send e-mail from within your script. It presents a very simple program that emails a confirmation to a user that his/her request to subscribe to a newsletter has been accepted....

AutoResponder Secret Courses  AutoResponder Secret Courses

 What are AutoResponders?, How and Why they Work, How and When to Use Them, How to Write Them, Where to Get Them, How to Design Them, How to Set them Up Cron Tab - What is that? 7 Pre-written Courses with images and a hot headliner that you get to use as is or change to your needs and you sign your name to them!...

Spam Filter with SpamAssassin  Spam Filter with SpamAssassin

 Filter your incoming spam before it ever reaches your inbox using SpamAssassin and qmail with this custom This article will contentrate specifically on using it with vpopmail (which makes use of qmail)...



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