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Usenet gateway

Paleo NewsNet System  Paleo NewsNet System

 The Paleo NewsNet System is a CGI script written in Perl and provides a UseNet-like news group. You can post, and post follow-ups to existing posts. A person posting can also specify to have all answers to the post e-mailed to him or her. It allows people to follow a thread without jumping back to the main page. The Main Page only shows the most recent 30 days-worth of messages. It also will convert any URL starting with "http://" to a hot link. The Program is designed to be easy to install and is for small to medium sites....

Usenet Web Gateway  Usenet Web Gateway

 This gateway consists of programs running on a web server that allow users to read usenet messages, post usenet messages, search the messages, etc. from a web browser. No special news reader is required to read usenet with this software. and others offers such a (non-GPLed) gateway between Usenet and the WWW. Usenet Web Gateway written in Perl....

newsgrab-ui  newsgrab-ui

 newsgrab-ui is a Usenet "complete set" binary downloader written in PHP and Perl. It features e-mail announcement of available complete sets, threaded downloading of selected Usenet binaries, a Web interface with a queue request form and a selectable output path, and scheduled updates of complete set binaries for each selected newsgroup. Great for downloading MP3`s....

Usenet-Web  Usenet-Web

 Usenet-Web is a combination Usenet newsgroup archiver and archive Web presentation system. It is not intended as a substitute for a newsreader, and so does not include any facilities for posting to the Usenet. It does include facilities for searching the archive `From` and `Subject` lines for ranges of dates and can handle multiple newsgroup archives....



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