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PERL tListe  PERL tListe

 tListe PERL is a TreeView perl Script. You can read data in a file (default) or database....

Plug It!  Plug It!

 Plug It! can be used as a header/footer script, or you can simply use it as an insertion script. Basically, whatever you put in the text file can be shown on one or multiple pages with ease!...

Perl Breadcrumb Trail  Perl Breadcrumb Trail

 This lightweight but powerful Perl/CGI script automatically creates dynamic menus based on the users current location in the site. Allowing the user to see exactly where they are in the site hierarchy and navigate to any part of it quickly and easily. It can be inserted easily in a page, site or template with Sever Side Includes and style sheets used to integrate it into your own theme. Example output; Home >> Products >> Components >> CPUs...



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