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Referer based

TD`s Detect/Redirect  TD`s Detect/Redirect

 This is a very simple detect and redirect script. This will make sure a surfer is coming from a specific URL and then redirect them to a sponsor or your signup page (or wherever you want) if they aren`t. If they are blocking their HTTP_REFERER by using an anonymizer it will still prevent them from accessing your content page. Useful for content pages that you want to protect from outside linking....

Smartrouter  Smartrouter

 Smart Router is a simple yet intelligent redirect script. It can also be used to hide the valuable html code that you used to place high on search engines. Smart Router is very easy to set up and maintain, and runs via Server side includes. When someone attempts to view a page that is set up with smart router, the script runs and checks to see where the surfer is coming from (the last web page the surfer was viewing when he clicked the link to go to your site). The script then decides where to send the surfer based on information you give the script ahead of time....

The Bouncer  The Bouncer

 If you have a page on your site (such as a music archive) that you don`t want other sites to directly link to, but you want them to link to your main page, The Bouncer will make sure that no longer happens. It will redirect any user that isn`t coming from your site, to the URL of your choice. Features: Allow access from any referrer you choose. Visitors coming from any other will be redirected to another page (such as your main page). Easy setup, only 2 variables to set. Works with SSI (.shtml) pages....



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