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Browser based

Browser Sensitive Redirect  Browser Sensitive Redirect

 This will detect browsers and send the user to four different sub pages. Netscape users will receive the Netscape page. Internet Explorer will receive the Internet Explorer page. Lynx users will receive the Text Only page. And, finally, if you are using something else, the CGI will send you to the Average page....

langredir  langredir

 Redirect visitors based on their browser`s language. Unlike other automatic redirection schemes which work transparently, langredir allows your visitors to change languages quickly - if you provide the links on your pages....

BrowserMatcher  BrowserMatcher

 BrowserMatcher is a redirection tool that redirects users to pages according to their used browser. It recognizes 20 different browsers including all the numerous versions of Netscape and Internet Explorer. The list is updated often and you can easily update it yourself! It redirects to existing fixed start pages or auto-creates the pages on the fly and comes with logging and site tracking features....

Browser Identification  Browser Identification

 This piece of code will check to see what browser the remote user is using. It then determines what page to send them to based on that information....

Redirects  Redirects

 This is a simple redirection cgi. It sends users to a different page location depending on the type of their browser accessing the page. In this example, it splits 3 ways, first for Netscape 2.0, second for lynx (text-only), and finally for all other browsers....



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