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Insert Tab into Slot  Insert Tab into Slot

 Insert tab into slot inserts one or more lines of random text (the "tabs") into the designated places in a template file (the "slots"). Use this script for random images, banner ads, "random URL" links, maybe even primitive load-balancing between servers....

RandText Pro  RandText Pro

 Easily create and schedule dynamic content on your web pages. Content can be as small as a few words of text, or as large as an entire web page. Display schedules can be random, daily, weekly, monthly, time of day, or as a daily countdown to a target date. Can also display current date in US and Intl formats. Includes an html editor, and an admin and installation script. Also supports dynamic dropdown menus for displaying historical content in a controlled popup window format....

Ascad Random Items  Ascad Random Items

 Randomize content on your web site using the power of Random Items from Ascad Networks. Whether you wish to have random images, text, or HTML content appear on your site, simply place the SSI caller tag where you wish for the content to appear and Random Items will do the rest....

Quote Manager by CGI-World.Com  Quote Manager by CGI-World.Com

 Easily manage customer / client quotes and display them on your web site to gain new customers. Features include custom fields, random quotes, submission and admin approval of new quotes, and a browser-based administration area to manage the whole process. Great too for any text/html you want to randomly display or have posted to your web site....

ComicRandomPicsAndText  ComicRandomPicsAndText

 A free random picture and text generator ensuring that a visitor sees a different random message or imgae each time they enter your site....



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