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Gamma Web Shell  Gamma Web Shell

 Web Shell allows you to execute shell commands and browse directories from your web browser. It is useful if you don`t have shell access to your server....

PerlNet  PerlNet

 PerlNet can be used by those who wish to compile software, do cron jobs, use the shell, or java or anything else that you can normally do through telnet or ssh. If you have a website and the server admin has not given you telnet access, you can use this instead and do most of what you can do with regular telnet. You can use GCC, htpasswd, tar, java, perl, grep, find, crontab and alot of other utilities. There is a built in crontab editor, and file editor also....

SimpleShell  SimpleShell

 SimpleShell allows you to execute your own command. This pretty package removes the handicap of not having telnet. Even if you do have telnet access this script can save you time and takes less effort!...



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