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Obsess  Obsess

 This is a quick script to run `finger` on an email address in an endless loop to see whether the person is online and has unread email....

The Finger Server  The Finger Server

 The Finger Server is a web based, "pseudo" unix finger server with a nice browser oriented interface. Users who have an account can logon and update their .plan files for other to see. Visitors to your site can check the plans of their favorite users for project updates, personal thoughts, etc. The Finger Server also makes a great internal company project status board and is a wonderful tool for bringing together an internet community devoted to a particular subject....

xwolf`s  xwolf`s

 This is a simple Perl script that simulates the Unix tool "finger"....

Finger Script  Finger Script

 This is a simple finger script. It can be modified to perform basically any unix command, and print the output to a web page....



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