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jdresolve  jdresolve

 The jdresolve application resolves IP addresses into hostnames. To reduce the time necessary to resolve large batches of addresses, jdresolve opens many concurrent connections to the DNS servers, and keeps a large number of text lines in memory. These lines can have any content, as long as the IP addresses are the first field to the left. This is usually the case with most formats of HTTP and FTP log files. For addresses that can`t be resolved due to timeouts or incorrectly configured reverse mappings, a recursive algorithm is available. A search is made for the parent domains (classes C, B and A) of the IP address and those domain names become available for composing a fake hostname, thru a user defined mask. Included is a tiny shell script called rhost to interface with jdresolve when resolving a single IP address. Think of it as a smart replacement for the `host` utility that comes with bind-utils....


 WebDNS is a script that offers the bigtime WebDNS services perfect for people hosting domains. It offers expandability and everything you need in a DNS package. DNS is the system by which IPs resolve to names and vice versa. Many ISPs and Shell Providers offer this as a service to their users, and incresingly separate companies are setting up to offer the same facilities. WebDNS not only offers a system for the user to enter their zone data but offeres many separate options all through a central login system. Each user can have multiple domains and choose to Erase/Modify/Transfer (deletion of the domain from local database, change the zone data or which DNS we host, or transfer control of it to another user on the local system). Domains can be hsoted as Primary, Secondary, or both....



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