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File backup

Advance Backup  Advance Backup

 Advance Backups is an easy to use web interface which takes the hassels out of backups. It can create highly compressed backup files of your web site in a few seconds. Backups can be stored on the server or downloaded via the web browser. Completely secure with password protected admin interface. Backups both files and MySQL databases....

NasBackup online backup for Windows  NasBackup online backup for Windows

 NasBackup is an open source backup solution. It is high-performance software for backing up MS Windows desktop PCs, laptops and servers to Linux or Windows server. NasBackup is a highly configurable solution and easy to install and maintain. NasBackup is a backup solution that can replace traditional tape backup. The information is backup to network storage, in a way that only the file differences are send over the network. NasBackup is freely available as Open Source....

Daboo Backup  Daboo Backup

 Backup Utility using tar and gzip. Daboo Backup automatically splits the backup into tar.gz filenames that describe the directory or file that is being backed up. Designed specifically for backing up to a removable hard drive....

Backup Monitor  Backup Monitor

 RSYNC Backup front-end with Web Interface, email reports with attached summary or logfile. Simple to use configuration; back up servers with a single line, or your entire server farm from a single machine. Custom email tags sort responses in your MUA....



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