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File archive

Backup and restore file permissions, owners and groups  Backup and restore file permissions, owners and groups

 This script allows you to backup and restore file properties. It backups recursively the permissions, owners and groups of files and sub folders (including suid, sgid and sticky bit). The program also backups permissions of hidden files and hidden folders. It can handle file names with blanks. Two executable shell scripts will be created which can be run independently to restore the data. One for the file permissions, the other one for the owners and groups....

CrazyBeavers ZIP  CrazyBeavers ZIP

 Easy to use application to unzip files on a webserver. Supports the most common compression methods (Store and Deflate). Is installed as a CGI Exe which in many cases just need uploading via FTP!...

introzip - Serve content from zip files  introzip - Serve content from zip files

 Serve static pages directly from zip files, while not a great idea for pages that are frequently visited, it is convenient for intranet sites or home networks where you`d like to make ebooks, javadocs, etc.. available. (or make uploading such information trivial, just put a zipfile in it`s directory and be done with it)...



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