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GradeORama  GradeORama

 GradeORama is a multi-user, multi-class online gradebook. Teachers can post grades, and students can be assigned a username and password to view their grades online. You may also export the grades to a text file for import into Excel or other such program, or import FROM Excel (or any CSV text file) into GradeORama....

HeadCount  HeadCount

 HeadCount lets teachers log in with how many of their students will be attending Lunch or a field trip, or just attendance numbers. Originally written for a school that needed to tally up how many students would be attending Lunch, it could easily be used to count how many guests each employee will be bringing to a company picnic, how many guests will be attending a wedding, etc since the labels "Teacher," "Class," and "Number of students" can all be changed....

Alumni  Alumni

 This script allows you to run a "Where are they now?" section on your web site. It can also be modified to do almost anything with forms....

TinySOF Project Work Managment System (PWMS)  TinySOF Project Work Managment System (PWMS)

 Project Work Managment System(PWMS) is an online school project workspace for students and teachers. It facilitates effective collaboration and communication among project members and supervisors; it helps both parties to work jointly, efficiently and effectively to achieve greater project work success. Online submission of project report. Progress tracking & monitoring. Members contribution log. Online Folder for Documents sharing Built-in chat room, forum, messaging board. ......... - Word Find Generator - Word Find Generator

 This Perl application generates word find puzzles from a list of words. It`s intended to serve as a backend to programs which gather input data from users, then format the resulting puzzle into a human-readable format. This program is the backend for the word find generator web application hosted on Please feel free to download and use it on your own server. This software is compatible with any UNIX-based operating system (Linux, BSD, Mac OS X). It may function under Windows with modifications....

College Custodian  College Custodian

 College Custodian is a complete academic information system that consists of several modules for your college to choose from. Library (OPAC, Circulation Desk etc), Registrar (Course Management / Student Records), Faculty (Assignments, Exams, Surveys etc), Recruitment, Alumni, Donor, and Student Portal are just some of the key features available....



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