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Apache::Centipaid  Apache::Centipaid

 Apache::Centipaid is a micro payment module that runs on any Apache web server with mod_perl support. It allows content providers to collect small transaction fees (as low as $0.001) as payment for accessing parts of their website. User pay for access by simply uploading an internet stamp. Module takes care of checking, accepting, and authorizing payments. Grant and disallow users to access paid content, etc....

Yahoo! Products feed builder  Yahoo! Products feed builder

 A Perl script to dump your PHPShop catalog into the Yahoo! Products feed file format. Easily customizable for PHPShop users, and others. Released under the GPL....


 ARIA is a web-based, multiuser/multilanguage ERP, accounting solution written in PHP. ARIA uses a SQL server (MySQL, MSSQL, PostgreSQL or Oracle)as it`s backend database. Features include: General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Sales and Purchase Orders, Foreign Currency,Inventory Control,Chart of Accounts, Setup Utilities, and Administrator module. ARIA currently enjoys translations in Chinese, Italian and French and comes with an install wizard for first time users....

Yahoo! Store Export To Froogle  Yahoo! Store Export To Froogle

 This is a public domain Perl script to convert Yahoo! Stores XML feed into Froogle data feed, and FTP the file to Froogle`s server. It requires Perl (free), a merchant agreement/ftp account with Froogle, and a Yahoo! store account with store export enabled....

Sale Tracked  Sale Tracked

 Sale Tracked is very simple to install and an easy to use tool that will determine the website your visitor came from and notify you after the sale has been made. Sale Tracked will even let you know which keywords were used if the sale resulted from a search engine. If you pay for web advertising, you can`t afford not to use Sale Tracked....



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